My Name was Never Frankenstein (anthology)

Available in Winter 2018

Zorro. Nemo. Odysseus. You know the names and the stories, but you’ve never seen them like this before.

My Name Was Never Frankenstein: And Other Classic Adventure Tales Remixed brings your favorite characters back to life in new and exciting escapades. In this inventive collection, a stellar cast of writers uses classic adventure tales as a jumping-off point for original and often magical journeys. This eclectic mix of tales features prequels, alternate universes, spin-offs, and total reboots. Imagine Ahab shipwrecked on an island of cannibals, or Mr. Hyde telling his side of the story, or the scarecrow from Oz struggling with the mystery of his existence. By turns wry and haunting, My Name was Never Frankenstein upends old territory and classic characters to reclaim them for a new generation.