Do Not Go On: A Novel

Available in winter of 2019
“Do Not Go On, the new novel by Bryan Furuness, goes deep, goes funny, goes suspenseful, often on the same page.  His language will often make you slow down and savor the inventiveness of a phrase, a sentence, an observation, while the plot tugs at you to turn the page.  This is a brainy thriller that will more than once break your heart.  And you will gratefully pick up the pieces and continue, wanting more of the foibles, surprises, self-deceptions, hopeful determination and spacious inner lives of his lively cast of characters.”
—Philip Graham, author of The Moon, Come to Earth and Interior Design


“Reading Do Not Go On is like riding a Harley in a bouncy house; there’s no way to tell quite where you’re going. Not only that, but the bouncy house is deep and dark; you will need your courage and a headlight. No one peels the onion like Bryan Furuness.”

—Michael Poore, author of Up Jumps the Devil and Reincarnation Blues


Want a taste?  Here’s a brief excerpt.